Bacon Pictures

I took another shot at Charcuterie, this time branching out from the basic cure. Once again I ordered an 8.5 lb pork belly from Niman Ranch and split it into 2 slabs of bacon. With one half I made a sweet maple cured bacon and the other half, savory. Maple sugar and syrup are added […]

Cooking With Guanciale

When I was ordering the pork belly from Niman Ranch for my first attempt at home cured bacon, I had room to add more items to my order without increasing my shipping charges. So to maximize the shipping costs I ordered some guanciale, which is kind of like pancetta or bacon, but it is cured […]

Home Cured Fresh Bacon

After a year of leafing through the excellent book Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn , and vowing to make sausages, bacon, etc. “one of these days”, I decided it finally was time for action. Fresh bacon seemed like a good starting point, the recipe didn’t look too difficult. Make the cure, rub it […]