Fried Calamari

With Christmas less than two weeks away this is a good time to encourage anybody who is interested in having a traditional Southern Italian all fish Christmas Eve Dinner to check out our Feast of the Seven Fishes menu. We first published this menu, with dishes like the Fried Calamari pictured above, on The Italian Chef in 2007, and will try and update it every year with at least one new recipe. It is not a hard set menu, just some suggestions with the goal of giving you a lot of options so you can mix it up to your own taste. This year we have a nice addition to the antipasti choices, Insalata Frutta di Mare.

Italian Christmas Eve Dinner

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  1. Calamari is one of my weaknesses..I love it. We always have calamari in some form for Christmas and fried is my fave…great photo!

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