Sarde a Beccafico (Sicilian Stuffed Sardines)

Back in 2001 I went to Sicily with my parents. When visiting Taormina, one of my favorite places in the world, we went to eat at a restaurant called Granduca. Along with the beautiful view of Giardini-Naxos down below, Granduca served pizza and some Sicilian dishes....

Roasted Peppers

Sure you can buy roasted peppers in a jar at the supermarket, but there is really no reason to do that when it is so easy to roast your own. After I roast the peppers I like to store them in an airtight container tossed with some...

Easy Struffoli

Struffoli is a traditional Neopolitan dessert that is mainly comprised of fried dough circles roughly the size of marbles.The name Struffoli actually originates from the Greek word "strongulous" which means "rounded". Some consider Struffoli to be a cookie while...

Blood Orange Granita

Hey Phil. Why are you making tasty frozen treats in the dead of winter? Blood Oranges are in season. But isn't it too cold for Granita? Blood Oranges are in season. Wouldn't Blood Orange Granita be more appropriate in the summer? Blood Oranges aren't in season in the...

Veal Rollatini

Veal Rollatini is an interesting dish to me, not only because it is delicious, but because of the name. Veal, chicken or eggplant rollatini dishes are common on the menus of Italian-American restaurants. As the word rollatini might imply, these dishes consist of the...

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