Easy Struffoli

Easy Struffoli

Struffoli is a traditional Neopolitan dessert that is mainly comprised of fried dough circles roughly the size of marbles.The name Struffoli actually originates from the Greek word “strongulous” which means “rounded”. Some consider Struffoli to be a cookie while others describe it as just dough fritters. The dish is typically made around Christmastime and is […]

Ricotta Zeppole

How do you make Zeppole, the classic fried dough treat served at Italian Festivals even better? Add Ricotta Cheese of course! Growing up I was always used to seeing the plain flour based zeppole at festivals, your traditional fried dough, which I still love. But I find myself making ricotta zeppole more often lately. I […]

Granita di Caffè con Panna

Granita di Caffe

Summer is flying by and I am feeling a little self-imposed pressure to get in all of the great Summer recipes I had planned on. I may not get them all in but it really would have been a shame if I didn’t make this espresso granita with whipped cream. This is a really great […]

Granita di Limone

Some of my fondest memories of my (too few) visits to Sicily are of sitting in the café in the morning and having a Granita di Limone (Italian Lemon Ice) and brioche for breakfast. That’s right, I said for breakfast. In the summer in Sicily, granita and gelato are breakfast foods. That’s what I call […]

Chocolate Gelato

Chocolate Gelato

What is gelato? Some might say gelato is just the Italian word for Ice Cream. While close, that wouldn’t be exactly accurate. There are two big differences between Italian gelato and American ice cream. The first is that gelato contains less butterfat; it is typically made with whole milk rather than cream (in some rare cases […]


Zeppole You don’t have to wait for the next Italian festival or carnival to enjoy some fried dough. With this recipe you can make delicious Zeppole right at at home. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and let the memories of eating them out of the bag while enjoying the sites and sounds of the feast come […]