Pizza Recipes

Stracciatella Gelato

Grilled Pizza Puttanesca
I was going to include this pizza in the same post as the Grilled Pizza with Cherry Tomatoes I featured recently. At the time I was just topping it with chopped olives and capers and it was very good that way, but I still felt something was lacking. So, I held off on sharing the recipe, while I tried to improve it. I think what I eventually came up with, the addition of chopped anchovies and sautéed onions, really takes it to another level.



Stracciatella Gelato

Grilled Pizza with Cherry Tomatoes
I recently came across some delicious cherry and grape tomatoes at my local farmers market. I was planning on making some grilled pizza and as soon as I tasted them, I knew that they had to go on least one of the pizzas. I did two versions, one replaced the sauce completely with the tomatoes, cut in half and charred on the grill, and one had the sauce and the tomatoes. Both were amazing but I preferred the one with just the tomatoes, mostly because it is different.

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