Pork & Lamb Recipes

Rack Of Lamb
I made this Rack of Lamb paired with Risotto Milanese as part of a Valentines Day dinner for my wife, Sandy. I discussed making it and possibly featuring it here to some co-workers during lunch the week before. Suprisingly, one of them, Mark said he didn’t think Rack of Lamb was a good Valentines Day dinner choice because “Women don’t like lamb.” I was actually shocked when another voice, Michael chimed in and agreed with him. Now, I happen to know that Sandy loves lamb so I was not too concerned about my dinner plans. However, I was curious, so I went to the internet and started checking out some of the bigger food sites’ menus for the occasion, and the main course in just about every menu was… Rack of Lamb. The lesson? Mark and Michael are idiots.


Lamb Chops Scottadito
In Italian the word scottadito means burned fingers. This dish is named scottadito because the lamb chops are so delicious that you can’t resist eating them, sizzling hot, straight from the grill and burning your fingers. On my last visit to Rome, Abbacchio (Lamb) Scottadito was one of my favorite meals.

Pork Chops with Peppers
There may not seem like a lot to this dish, but boy is it tasty. Pork chops with vinegar peppers is an old Italian stand-by. For a different variation on this dish you can home fry some potatoes and put them on top.