Risotto recipes

Seafood Risotto
This recipe actually comes from my friend Michael who prides himself on his risotto skills. He feels the error that most people make when cooking risotto is that they go overboard on the stirring and end up with a gummy blob. Risotto is supposed to be creamy with distinct grains of rice not a mushy mass of overcooked, over-stirred starch. What makes risotto break down, as with all starchy foods, is the release of gluten from the rice as it is stirred. Michael prefers to just stir enough to keep it from burning on the bottom. If you like you can add scallops, small clams or any other seafood to the risotto.


Risotto Milanese
A successful risotto can only be made using a particular type of Italian rice. The rice must be able to absorb lots of liquid to give it that creamy texture while still delivering an al dente firmness to the bite. The three types of rice Italians favor for risotto are arborio, vilano nano, and carnaroli.